Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The HTC HD7 - A New Generation Window 7 Phone

To compete in the fast evolving world of mobile phones, Microsoft and HTC have teamed up to produce the exciting and innovative HTC HD7.

The HTC HD7 has a sleek but solid feel that understates the power within. It takes little effort to navigate the virtual.
Twin speakers and chrome trim prove an attractive fascia with this stunner from HTC. Weighing 5.71 ounces and measuring 4.8 inches long x 2.68 inches wide X .44 inches thick; the HTC HD7 mobile is compact and portable but no lightweight performer.

At the heart of the T-Mobile HTC HD7 is its’ vivid, pulsating big 4.3 inch WVGA LCD display screen rated at 480 X 800 resolutions. Bright and beautiful, this display rivals even dedicated TV screens. Microsoft has engineered the display with built in adjustable themes, allowing you to adjust background and accent colors as you would on your home PC. Text is changeable, as well, with 11 colors available. The PC like attributes of the Windows interface and minimalist keyboard will make you forget you are using a mobile phone. Microsoft builds the wow factor in with astonishing visual acuity whether you are browsing through internet pages, watching movies, news, or sports, or taking care of business. You will find yourself enjoying the T-Mobile HTC HD7 user experience.

Powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and 576 MB of RAM with internal storage memory at either 8 or 16 GB this mobile means business. Bluetooth v 2.1 connectivity is provided and includes A2DP profile for wireless stereo headset use or connecting a compatible stereo system for serious sounds. A microUSB port allows fast synching between the HD 7 and a PC. There is an internal GPS antenna which helps utilize location based mapping services to keep you from getting lost.

T-Mobile’s 3G network supports the HTC HD7 and serves it well carrying download rates of 7.2 Mbps and upload at 2 Mbps. The large amount of internal storage will let you expand your musical and video horizons by creating a veritable library of multi media. Messaging of every form is available with the T-Mobile HTC HD7 from texting, instant, social networking, Outlook and web based emails so you are never out of touch with family, friends, and business associates. The storage battery on the HTC HD7 allows up to 6.3 hours talk time and standby of 17 days.

Navigation is easy via the tiled display, one of which is the phone book or people tile. This phone book is integrated with your Facebook contacts as well as the usual address book. Voice dialing is easily accessible. The organizer is highly convenient and functional with many downloadable varieties of alarms, ringers, a Google calendar, alarm clock, unit converter and much more. The highest quality 5 megapixel camera inbuilt with the T Mobile HTC HD 7 is the best for a mobile with HD movie capability, flash, and auto focus. The HD7 sports a fantastic Dolby Mobile music player that allows you to play almost any format available. Tune out the world by plugging the included headphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Not just an afterthought, the camera on the T-Mobile HTC HD7 is what you would expect to get from a dedicated, stand alone camera. Well considered, this 5 megapixel built in camera with auto focus and dual LED flash. Unlike other mobile phone cameras, with the HD 7 you can keep those memories by photography and video even in low light conditions. Capture the action with 720 pixel HD video featuring built-in scene modes allowing you to switch to and from portrait and landscape. Review your handiwork instantly with media player playback review. The flash can also be utilized during video filming. Picture hub allows you to view Facebook and Windows Live photo galleries as well.

Never be out of touch with the T Mobile HTC HD7. With the integral support of T-Mobile and stereo Bluetooth your connection will always be smooth as silk. Facebook contacts can actually be imported and stored along with all your important personal information from contacts such as birthdays, appointments and located on the touch screen calendar tiles for effortless organizing.

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