Thursday, June 9, 2011

T-Mobile G2x - A classic Android phone

T-Mobile G2x 4G Android Phone (T-Mobile)In preview today is a beautiful piece, LG- G2X from T-Mobile. It is also called a better shaped version of LG Optimus 2X. Exclusive to the U.S. design, it boasts of a remarkable dual core processor. Coupled with several multi-media features, HSPA+ support and a clean Android interface, T-Mobile G2x secures its ranking as one the best Android phones in the market. The phone is as stylish and chick as it could be! Also, it sports a sensitive and sleek presence with its auburn nd grey shades and soft matte finish.

HTC HD7 - A real rival for its competitors

HTC a leading name in manufacturing high technological handsets, has brought another device, the HD7 from the house of HTC. The HD7 has grabbed the attention of millions since it launched with its sleek form and exclusive features. The HTC HD7 is a unique blend of excellent looks and wide-ranging features. The phone looks really gorgeous and yet is performance oriented. There are numerous features incorporated in to this phone that makes it different from others.